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Help fastening child’s car seat for parent with one arm

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Chris Hunt (Oxford panel) has asked for help from anyone who has dealt with this problem before.  Replies please to


A single mother has an 18 month old child.  She has the use of only one arm and is struggling to fasten her son into his car seat.  She is using her teeth to help her and it can take an hour sometimes to secure him into the car.

She requires a gadget that will help her to fasten him into the seat belt safely with minimal effort and impact on her and her son.


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2 responses to “Help fastening child’s car seat for parent with one arm”

  1. Mike Plant says:

    Hi Chris. Have just worked with a client with a not functioning RT hand. 6 week old Bertie!! If you,d like to have chat, it’s probably best if you give me a call on my landline. I,pl be in tomorrow morning until 11.30
    Regards, Mike Plant. Gloucestershire Panel. 01242 245228

  2. patrick wormell says:

    The buckle needs to be on a semi-rigid stalk so that it is presented automatically in the correct position and angle (as on most cars) without call for a hand. The problem then is to singlehandedly pull the tongue up the strap whilst simultaneously withdrawing it from its reel. I find that simply pulling forwards on the tongue whilst maintaining tension, the tongue slides up the strap of its own accord until enough is withdrawn to be engaged in the buckle.

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