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Help with archery device please

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Carlisle & District Remap panel has recently been requested to develop an archery device on behalf of a local charity activities group to permit disabled clients to compete in the sport.  

 A basic specification supplied by the group is : 

Vertical bow, +- 20 degrees horizontal movement, +- 5 degrees of vertical movement, maximum target range 10M, laser target marker,  instructor to manually load and cock bow, switch on bow to prevent inadvertent operation by user, remote short-range wireless activation/emergency stop/over-ride (this device to be operated by the instructor), user’s joystick to provide target aiming (left/right, up/down and fire button), second alternative user control with similar functions but button operated, all controls to be battery operated. 

 If any panel has already been involved in developing a similar type device could you please get in touch with myself, Jack Rae, chairman Carlisle & District Panel.

 Many thanks




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4 responses to “Help with archery device please”

  1. Andy Beecher says:

    I am currently working on a similar device on the Cambridge Remap pattern, but will currently not have wireless activation, laser target marker or servo aiming.

    As far as your degrees of freedom are concerned, I would suggest caution, the “20 lb” @ 28″ bow managed over 80 yards at this sort of inclination, which surprised me. – I am also an experienced archer!

    If I can be of assistance, my number is 07757760945 and I am part of Bristol Remap

  2. Jack Rae says:

    Hello Allan address is

  3. Jack Rae says:

    Allan, many thanks for offer, e-mail address is

  4. Allan Sutton says:

    I’m not sure if they will meet your spec but I mounted two bows for disabled use a few months ago. The bows had two triggering mechanisms, firing like a pistol or just nudging a lever with any part of the body. They also had safety catches but also for safety needed to be cocked by whoever was supervising. If you provide me with an email address I’ll send a copy of the project report.

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