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Oxygen and Suction Hose Clamp for Bed Frame

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End user is 15 year old child, has medical equipment in bedroom, oxygen concentrator and suction, long lengths of plastic tubing which needed to be kept tidy and safe, to prevent trips and to prevent damage to equipment. Previously was using tie-wraps to tie excess tubing to bed frame which was untidy. Nasal cannula and suction yanker would often end up falling on the floor which was not hygienic

The solution

Designed simple clamp to mount onto 40mm diameter bed frame which provided fitting to store excess loops of tubing and also hooks to securely retain nasal cannula and end of suction tube

3D printed in 2 halves and then held together on bed frame using 6 small self tapping screws

The benefit

All tubing is now securely and neatly stored. Nasal cannula and suction tube is held securely and is easily accessible

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