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Potential REMAP project?

  • Ian D Midgley
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The potential project concerns that perennial problem for the disabled and bed-bound – the over-bed table. There are many designs but the one that I have in mind is rather different, for a bed at right angles to a wall: a wall-mounted unit featuring a full bed-width tray on arms coming from the wall, that lift the tray up (whilst keeping it level). The arms would pivot from brackets about a foot down from the ceiling, so that the tray would be lifted well out of the way, when not in use.

Now, as an electrical/electronics engineer, my thoughts spring to electric motors, accelerometers and a dedicated micro to achieve this.

But wondered if the mechanical engineers in the panels could come up with a mechanical solution that would be far simpler, far more reliable and make me wonder, “why I didn’t think of that?” I’m thinking of “Anglepoise lamps” parallel arms, bell-cranks and all the other ingenious mechanisms that might provide a more elegant solution..

It would need to be remotely controlled and, of course, fail safe.

Best wishes,

Keith Wain

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3 responses to “Potential REMAP project?”

  1. Roger Thorn says:

    Hi Kieth
    If you wish to swing a table down from a wall at the top of the bed you could employ the same technology as your car boot lid. With a degree of experimentation involving positioning and venting some of the gas, (remembering that you cannot add gas yourself) gas struts could be utilised to lift the tray and of course foreseeable contents. Correctly positioned these struts could work a little over centre on the cantilever arms, this would hold the tray in the down position then with a slight forward push the tray would be lifted up in a controlled ascent. You do not say how able your client is and whether they would be able to pull the tray down, correctly weighted and adjusted this should not be to strenuous. But food for thought.
    Roger thorn

  2. Jim Allen says:

    Hi Keith – their are plenty of pc monitor wall mounted supports out there – having two with magnetic lock holding them together in the centre of the bed would mean the lever forces would be halved and would also mean they could be placed to both sides when not in use. It twould also halve the stress on the wall mounts. some can be found at

  3. Ian Cole says:

    Hi Keith, I am an electronics engineer like yourself but I agree that a simple mechanical solution would be best. My idea is to make use of ‘telescopic drawer slides’, 2 or 4 long ones could be used to raise/lower the table from an assy. fixed to your brackets near to the ceiling. If necessary 2 more could be used to move this whole assy. closer to the wall. A secure latch would be needed to hold the assy safely in the upper position.

    I am sure that some of our mechanical colleagues will come up with more elegant solutions – but just in case …..
    Ian Cole

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