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Sock aid

  • Sophie Morrison
  • Berkshire
  • BK2015/53
  • Complete
BK2015-53-2 The client struggles generally with dressing, in particular putting on his socks, because he is unable to bend to any degree due to his condition.  The dressing aid supplied by social services required too much bending.  A commercial aid that would have suited (and similar in design to the one actually made) had poor reviews in regards to its robustness.

The device is made from a horse-shoe shaped metal ring, a length of 110mm diameter plastic waste pipe and a length of wooden dowel. The ring and pipe assembly is attached to the dowel by a pin which allows it to pivot. The dowel is approximately 1m long and can be held over the foot while the client is sitting, without any need to bend.

BK2015-53-4 The sock is slid onto the plastic pipe with the heel at the bottom and only the toe section protruding.
BK2015-53-6 The sock holder is slid along the foot, over the heel and part way up the calf before being pulled out of the way behind the leg.

The client is now able to put on his socks unaided.

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