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Bradshaw Buggy Conversion mk2

As this was a 2nd conversion the main elements of the project are as described at

However in the case it was necessary to stow the batteries under the seat as the client needed to make use of the foot rest.

The solution

Fortunately the starting Bradshaw buggy was larger than the one used in the first project by ~10% so this gave sufficient room. The donated motors and gearbox system had a lower rpm than the first as they came over chair that originally had larger diameter road wheels. Thus required larger driving wheels to achieve a similar final speed for the converted buggy.

The drive principle was the same as the first via a friction contact with the main buggy wheels.

A big difference was that the final installation was neater and allowed access to the clutch levers on the gearboxes. These disengage the motor drive and allow the buggy to be wheeled manually when necessary. This was a neater solution than that adopted on the first conversion.

The benefit

The client is now able to bowl independently and more frequently as he will not be reliant on the availability of volunteers to push him up and down the arena. He is very happy with the additional freedom and the help in maintaining his independence.

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