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Heated trousers powered from wheelchair

  • Sophie Morrison
  • Scotland
  • 14/07 2009
  • Complete

Heated trousers powered from wheelchairA motor accident left this client using a wheelchair. With poor circulation and sensation in his legs, going outside for any reasonable time on a cold day risked some serious health issues. His wheelchair was battery power-assisted, and he had investigated heated trousers as used by motor cyclists.

The existing wheelchair wiring allowed 24V power to be tapped and supplied to a power converter with safety fusing, supplying 12V power to a car cigar socket for use by the trousers. The trousers have adjustable heat output, useful for different conditions. Use of the heated trousers drains the battery more quickly than normal. However the lightweight battery has a charge indicator and can also be swapped with another if required.

This means he can stay outside safely for a time, even in winter conditions, and engage in more social activities and outings.


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