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One-handed wheelchair lock

  • RayWl
  • Bristol
  • 10\23-04
  • Complete

The client wanted a way of securing her wheelchair with a lock that could be operated single-handed.

The Challenge

To provide a means of locking a powered wheelchair, single-handedly to a stair handrail.

The solution

The client only has the use of one hand. A standard bicycle lock with flexible wire rope was purchased. The wire was cut at the lock and a loop formed which attached to the wheelchair side structure (permanently). ‘U’ bolts were made, together with M8 nuts, washers and keep plate which enabled the lock barrel to be clamped to the client’s steel stair rail. The end fitting of the wire rope could be inserted into the lock with one hand. Releasing required a quarter turn of the key which ‘popped out’ the wire rope.

This locking arrangement was meant as a deterrent and supplemented the electronic ‘lock’ on the wheelchair control panel.

The benefit

The client can now lock her wheelchair without assistance providing greater independence.

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