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Sound recording intercom conversion

Our client is a Parkinson’s sufferer and found the AC buzzer in his flat intercom too loud and sharp, and needed something which didn’t make him jump every time the doorbell was pressed.

The solution

The inspiration for the solution came from two sources:

1. The progressive ring tone the client had already found for his smartphone

2. Commercially available sound recording doorbells which allow you to store your favourite tune

The loud/sharp AC buzzer in the intercom was replaced with a small DC rectifier and voltage regulator circuit, wired to a self contained sound recording module purchased from an electronics website. Pressing the doorbell energises the sound recording module and plays the sound recording stored in its non-volatile memory through a small loudspeaker.

Because the circuit is only energised when someone at the front door presses the call button, a battery pack can be attached locally to record a new sound.

The electronics were incorporated into the case of the intercom phone (the client has a spare of these, so the Remap solution can be removed if no longer required in the future).

The benefit

A gentler and progressively louder sound can be recorded onto the unit.

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