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Bicycle to tricycle adaptation

A client with cerebral palsy and balance problems would like to ride a bicycle. Normal stabilisers are not secure enough.

The client’s mother initially requested wider stabiliser wheels for the bike, however she later found the ‘Mini-bike converter’ on the internet and this was ordered from ‘Bike Care, March, Cambridge’. The mini-bike converter converts a child’s bike into a trike (trikes are not readily available at a reasonable price at this size). The assembly bolts onto the normal rear wheel fixings of the bike and an adjustable rod also fixes to the bike seat frame bolt. The freewheel sprocket was fitted to the rear wheels axle and the chain was lengthened to suit, (see photographs).

The Client is now able to ride a bicycle/tricycle independently

The client’s mother was advised that when the client grows out of this trike, a pedal operated go-kart could be considered, because of the inherent stability problems of a larger child/adult on a trike.


Bicycle to tricycle adaptation 1Bicycle to tricycle adaptation 2

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