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Profiling bed control with large buttons

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Client could not use the small buttons on her bed controller and was reliant on carers to adjust the bed.

The Challenge

A profiling bed controller is a device that electronically adjusts the movements and positions of a profiling bed. It enables caregivers or patients to control the head, back, knees, and feet sections of the bed, allowing for personalised comfort and medical requirements. This specialised medical bed is designed to accommodate patients with mobility issues or extended bedridden periods, improving their overall comfort and well-being.

This client could not operate the small buttons on their profiling bed controller due to reduced mobility, coordination and grip. The bed manufacturer was developing a solution but it was very delayed and the client was struggling to use the bed controller independently in their day-to-day life.

The solution

Due to reduced mobility and grip, the client faced difficulty operating the small buttons on their profiling bed controller. To address this problem, a custom slip-over cage with larger buttons was created, enabling easy manipulation of the small buttons. The design process involved precise measurements and 3D printing to ensure a suitable fit for the client’s needs. The solution was a complete success – in fact, the bed manufacturer’s solution will look very similar when and if it is available.

The benefit

With the newly designed slip-over cage featuring larger buttons on the profiling bed controller, the client now has the ability to adjust the bed’s position independently, without relying on carers. This empowering solution grants the client greater control over their comfort and enhances their independence in managing the bed’s movements as needed.

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