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Ramp from back door to car port

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The client needed a special ramp outside of his back door which could be easily removed when not in use.

The car port floor is not flat and slopes in both directions so that the height of the step varies between 180mm and 190mm across the width of the door.

After discussion with the client it was agreed that a ramp about  1 metre long and 830 mm wide  which could be fixed to the house wall, but also removed when not required .

In order to keep the weight within reasonable limits it was therefore constructed a ramp from 9.5mm plywood sitting on three longitudinal supports connected to one transverse beam at the top end cut to the profile of the  kitchen step. It had added guide beams on each side of the ramp to prevent the wheels of the walker slipping of the sides. See photo attached.

Before the ramp was finished a trial fit was done to adjust the ramp so that it would sit properly on the sloping carport floor. Also installed is a lifting handle, and hooks and eyes at each side of the ramp to prevent it from moving away from the wall.  It became apparent that, whilst the ramp was satisfactory, the client could not lift his walker over the PVC upstand in front of the kitchen door. Therefore  a wooden wedge was made 700mm long and 50mm high by 65mm wide which screwed to the front door step.

The ramp was varnished and the top of the plywood left deliberately rough to give good grip for the walker wheels.


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