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Rollz Motion2 leg rest adaption

Penny is unable to bend her left knee and uses both a rollator and wheelchair to aid mobility. Her wheelchair has a commercial leg support to hold her left leg horizontal, but for convenience she wanted to use a Rollz Motion 2, a combined wheelchair and rollator. However Rollz could not supply a leg support.

The solution

A meeting was arranged with Paul Briggs at Penny’s home which I attended. The machine was demonstrated by Paul. I then assessed the possibility of making an adapter for her existing leg support (a Karma Mobility device I think).

The solution consisted of taking the supplied Rollz left foot rest and inverting it. It still clipped onto the chair frame. Then a number of 3D printed parts where made which along with aluminium tubes allowed the leg support to clip to the chair. The main weight of the leg is taken by the inverted foot rest so the solution is quite robust. The only other mod was to put a hand wheel on the end of the leg rest to allow it’s foot support to be moved easily. All the 3D printed parts where produced in carbon fibre PLA.

The adapter could be stored in the bag supplied by Rollz for the foot rests. The leg support unfortunately was too big, but the client’s husband was happy that it would go in a separate bag/back pack with him.

A YouTube video of the adaption can be seen here:


The benefit

Penny now only needs to take one device when she is out and about, and can use it in rollator configuration when she is able, and then in wheelchair configuration when she needs to.


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