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Shopping tray

Shopping trayRania lives alone and has weak muscles, but can push firmly. When shopping, a standard wheelchair tray proved inconvenient. Although a carer could fit the tray to the chair in the morning, Rania could not lift her purchases off the tray nor remove the tray itself on her return home.

A special tray and two lightweight supports fit existing sockets on the chair. The tray clips onto the supports and automatically locks in place. The tray is big enough to carry a supermarket basket, a surrounding rim preventing goods falling off. A lever lowers the front rim so that shopping can be slid off. This also releases the lock, which is then only held closed by a spring. Pushing on the rear rim opens the lock and the tray can be pushed off. Rania can then lift the support arms out of their sockets.

The client is now one happy shopper!

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