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Walker stability

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As the 9 year old user of the Lecky walker has grown, the walker has become unsafe and liable to topple over due to the narrow track between the large wheels when he plays energetically. The manufacturer was unable to help to resolve this problem and there is no alternative product available for children with cerebral palsy to be able to play. Adult walkers are too large for a 9 year old and are not designed for energetic play.

Original walker with vertical wheels


Angled stub axle and mounting bracket










The solution

The two large wheels were angled at 8 degrees following a trial with a mock up to ascertain the optimum angle. This results in an increased track by about 75mm on each side – 150mm in total. All parts need to be bolted to the existing frame without any modifications so that it can be returned to the original condition if required. Parts were made from a mild steel bracket with holes very accurately drilled on a milling machine using a digital readout to achieve precise location and a digital protractor to set the 8 degree angle for the wheel shafts. Stainless steel bushes were turned on a lathe to provide the correct location for 10mm bolts in the two outer mounting holes in the frame. 10mm bolts were threaded into the bracket and the heads removed to make stub axles. Wheels can be easily removed for transport and are secured on the axles by turned aluminium spacers, a washer and R-clips.

The benefit

The frame is much more stable for play and Miles is enjoying his continued freedom that it provides.

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